Friday, July 25, 2008

Batman was AWESOME!
though I was always putting my head under my jacket......

The show was so intriguing and dark, touching on the sublime and the gothic. It's like, it's so scary yet you want to know more .
Heath Ledger, I must say, did an extremely great job. He has really gotten into character ( he locked himself up in a room one month prior to the shooting to get into character ). The joker is such a scary character when portrayed by Ledger. The most 'villainest' of all villains. He's some psychopath who runs around killing people because its fun and that has nothing to do. I heard that Jack Nicholson made the joker seem like a real joker. To put it in simple terms, Jack Nicholson made the earlier batman-joker movie like a comedy. Maybe Heath ledger became so psychologically disturbed by his character, that he killed himself. Apparently, Christian Bale beat up his Mother and sister. It may be due to the show as well ---> we never know.

But Christian Bale is so darn HOT ! of course without the batman armour suit with the pointed ears thing. who cares what he's done to his wife or children ....

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