Wednesday, July 02, 2008

School's a dread....

School has started, the holidays have ended.
What a dread. The long boring lectures and the life-draining tutorials. Worst of all , the timetable has not changed ! I have so much to complain about.
In preparation for prelims and of course A levels, we are required to do 2 full essays and 2 full outlines every week for history. On even weeks, we're required to do 2 full essays and 4 full outlines by midweek. To keep things simple, that is a lot of work unless somehow you prefer writing essays to having more time to rest and sleep. But I know that all this suffering is for the greater good of getting an 'A' during the A'levels.

Anyway, it's still good hanging out with my great friends at school ( Luo Er, Cheryl , Sam ). Only a few more months before school officially ends and soon Sam will be in the army (No more hair for you ! :D )

So we got back some of our results during this past two days.
I'm proud to announce that my Math got a B ! yup ! I'm so so so happy. ( If you don't know me well enough, math is one of my worst scoring subjects )
By the way, Sean did an even more excellent job scoring an A , topping the whole level in Math.
Enough said about math and onto History. So far I only gotten back my SEA paper and I got the best score in class for it :D I'm still swimming in joy . I can still remember the exact words Ms Narindar said : " Michele, well done! The best score in class. "

Truly God is good. All credit really goes out to Him. I know I wouldn't be able to persevere on without the constant encouragement from the people he placed in my life and the sheer determination he placed in me. Remember that we can do all things through Jesus. But only He will help those that help themselves. This means put in the effort !

* I wonder if there is a book titled " An Idiot's Guide to Apologising " .

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