Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wang lee hom and Rain sang at the closing of the Bei Jing Olympics :D --> this makes the Bei Jing olympics the best olympics ever! and I'm glad that lee hom's hair is back to normal - he looks so delicious on stage :D but Rain's hair is a bit weird.... but he's still very extremely cute !

and this guy is so cute.
He's the national swimmer for S.korea, Park Tae Hwan
Why he's so appealing?
1. He's S.Korean.
2. He's cute.
3. He's got such a nice smile :)
4. He's 18.
5. He won a Gold for Men 400m freestyle in the Beijing olympics.
6. He goes to church !

I'm so sorry if my superficiality pisses you off . I can't help it. All I've been looking at these days are books, books and more books ....

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