Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun with Pie

Today was the last day I got to spend with my dear old friends :D
we went to the obstacle course behind the hostel since cheryl hasn't been there before. We took tons and tons of photos

And i think that AH PIE is so cute ! hahaha :D
( i know you'll be reading this...)
and we were talking about first impressions and reminiscing the first time we met each other.
Cheryl : Michele doesn't look like Singaporean what. Ah pie right ?
Ah Pie : Now I know her she like a Singaporean.
Cheryl : No like the first time
Ah Pie : oh ya. She look like Japanese Korean Chinese
Luo Er : Ya ya
Me: Really ? Yay !

don't mess with ah pie

During History mock review

Ms Narindar : You have to put AFC in!
Luo Er: ( turns to me ) I feel like eating KFC cheese fries...

I'll really miss all of you .... and all the stupid things we do :D

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