Monday, December 29, 2008

Party at SAM's

We had a party ( i think a christmas party ) at Sam's place with loads and loads of food . But i brought beef that was too tough to eat .....

Corinne+Max, Vanessa Foo, Cheryl, Luo Er, Dinesh, Yus, Sam, Vig, Gabriel and I were having so much fun !!! ( We should do it more often !!! The next one will be at my place :D I'll be able to drink then since I'm in the safety of my home!!! )

I didn't put up the ugly unglam photos up . But if you want to amuse yourself , they're all on facebook ( but i suggest you don't ) .

And thanks cheryl for uploading so quickly (using my account ) !!! And thanks everyone for making it so enjoyable :D

michele at 2:00 AM



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