Saturday, March 31, 2007

hahah ... i'm soooo happy

i've met like 5 frens this week :) ! anyway i just went to ben n jerry's - OMG ! the icecream made me a really satisfied . i love the strawberry cheesecake flavour !!!!

anyway , went to bowling earlier and i'm such a klutz ! i threw the ball into the drain like 3 times in a row ....... i know it's super loser . hahah

today is JASON's birthday ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON ! i'll always love you ! :) and yesterday was kinda sad . it was the last day vanessa was with us . we were really sad . we bought a cake for her and sang " so sad you're leaving " . she almost cried . then we played netball in the rain . the last netball game with vanessa . but it was good . VANESSA ! i'll never forget you ! 1T04 will always welcome you back and we'll always love you !

chinese lesson is always super slack .... always laughing at lao shi and all . gerald is like super retarded . keep on making me laugh at like nothing . oh and I'M THE CHINESE REP ! yeah !

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

oh PLEASSSEEEE ............

DINESH !AH PIE ! GERALD ! i seriously DON'T LIKE anyone !


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the two model students of CJC !

we were so bored .... hahah

went out during the weekends and bought a FURLA bag ! it' super nice ... if you wanna see it then catch me on the streets during the weekends !

i feel so guilty , spending my parents' money ..... but anyhoo , my mum bought it for me ... hahahah

i've a new found sister ! :)

michele at 8:48 PM


Monday, March 19, 2007

all of us hurt ourselves during the ironically friendly captain's ball match -

anyway , we are michele on the left ( me ) , gabriel and samuel .

woah , samuel can really move his body ! hahaha

Gabriel , being a bitch the whole time - living up to his name of course !

we had a class bbq at a really remote place in sembawang ( don't even know where that is still ) . it was really fun . i really enjoyed myself . poured out the last bit of energy i had that day . we took a lot of pics that day but i still haven't gotten the pics yet . we bought lots and lots of food . yummy . and my fav part of the day was when we roasted marshmallows .... yummy !

this was my IG for the second intake . so many guys but so little girls - the funny thing is that there's this guy who kept talking to everyone in chinese and we were like huh ?! weird huh !


just came back from orientation 2 . Kinda boring this time . we went dragon boating today and i'm like black now . everyone said so . including DINESH ! yup . and when we close in to another boat , we were supposeed to splash water at them . and in the end , everyone in the boat got wet . and thanks to gerald , he made me soaking wet.i partnered the MEERKAT ! i was the wettest person aboard . he poured pails and pails of water one me - made me feel super cold . the best part abt the dragon boating is when teh instructor was rocking the boat . it was super fun . you were supposed to lean against your partner and dip you r feet into the water. it was really really fun !

anyway , here are some of the updates of 1T04

we introduced ourselves like this -

LUO ER : Molly the cluts

NATASHA : Sally the Retard

ANNE : Mary Lim mei mei

ME : Polly Lin Ling Mei

Natasha ain't that innocent and smart as we thought that she was . she actually thought that retarded was spelt RETARTED !

Dinesh - a Gorilla

Gerald is defitnately a MEERKAT !

Ah Pie is a GoldFISH


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

THE GUYS having fun :) !

The GIRLS :) having fun !

Aren't we ALL just AMAZING ?
CJC 1T04 2007

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Friday, March 09, 2007

i like this guy but i know it's wrong :)

hahaha anyway, my class managed to satay together ! we're now t4 ! hahaha and WE'VE BEEN DELIVERED FROM EVIL ! ( a certain someone left our class )

hahaha i'm so happy . i really love the guys from my class . They're so HOT , GENTLEMANLY , EXTREMELY HELPFUL , CARING , PROTECTIVE and FUNNY !( DINESH AND GERALD ESPECIALLY ) i love them all - you guys really make my day ! when i'm sad , you guys make me laugh . when i'm in pain , you guys help me to forget that it hurts ! I LOVE 1T04 ! we rock !!!!!

i know it's kinda random but i've also decided to join hockey it's super fun but tiring cause of the run - but it's fun ! and the holidays are just next week ! i'll really be enjoying myself all the way ! :)

i'm slowly regaining my voice but my throat still hurts . i'm now as red as a lobster ( sunburn ) and i have eye bags . it's not a good time to show myself in public but who cares ! \

michele at 7:44 PM