Tuesday, February 27, 2007


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i know i haven't posted for a while so here it goes .....

yeah , CNY is over - the most boring new year ever . my cousin is overseas and so i'm sorta stuck with all the guys . horrid feeling.
this was what i wore !

And to make my day even worse , a cousin of mine - even though i really wish we weren't blood related at all - made a bombastic comment which made me wanna kick him in the nuts ( if he had any ) . HE SAID EXACTLY THESE WORDS :" Michele , you put on weight ar ! " i was like WTH ! it's like i don't even know him well enough for him to make such a random and INUSULTING comment ! ( by the way , he's like 33 and he ain't married yet - i believe that he haven't even dated anyone before due to his "defeciency" in social skills ) NEVER EVER SAY THAT A GIRL HAS PUT ON WEIGHT OR WHATEVER EVEN IF SHE DID ! Given his revolting look and atrotious S*** of an attitude , no wonder he never had a gal friend or to make it sound even nicer , no girl ever liked him . Yup! what a creature ! the first thing which he always talks abt are the female teachers from Tao Nan School - my primary school because he teachs there .FEMALE mind you ! I see the word desperate here .

and when the rest of my cousins and i including my uncles etc and dad were watching a movie ( Black hawk down - super exciting ) he would just keep mumbling to himself . i think that he wants us to listen to his nonsensical retarded response to the movie . and when we were watching FEARLESS , he kept talking abt how Huo Yuan Jie would die and how he borrowed other dvds - the word ANNOYING was imprinted on his forhead , everyone could see it except for himself . what a huge generation gap . he should start planning for his lonesome retirement and pack it up with lots and lots of activities . oh ... his mother is weird too . she shaved off her side burns - i was like : WHAT A HUGE FASHION STATEMENT ! NOT -

i feel so ashamed that they bear the same surname as me ........ what shame ... what embarrasement ! i'm turning red ............

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Friday, February 16, 2007

really funny - on GABRIEL form 1T03 ! yeah !

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To those who think i'm retarded .............


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valentines day was on wednesday ...

i stayed up really late to wrap up my valentine gifts for my frens - and the next day , i'm sure you can guess that i was super sleepy and kinda quiet .....

i didn't expect to recieve anything in school cause i didn't really know a lot of ppl in my school except for my CLASS ! in the morning we exchanged our gifts and all . everything was going fine until luo er told me that Jason gave her a rose .... jealousy hit me ! hahah ... jason wasn't there at that time - imagine what i would do to him . so we went to lecture and all then he gave me a rose ( he gave to every girl from our class and also random girls ) .

and i heard that jason actually likes a girl !!!! luo er and i were sort of guilty that we were snatching jason away from a gal that he likes ! so we decided to stop chasing him :) but don't fret , cause we have new targets . luo er decided to chase gabriel and snatch him away from HUI MING cause he looks super cool in his hot green glasses. anyway , anne was saying that our class have two guys who have abs , they were gerald and ah pai . since ah pai has abs , i've decided to chase him . yay! hahha .. i told him that i was gonna chase him , but then he said that he would run ! so horrible . then i said that i'll still chase him . then he said that he'll run to the ends of the earth and then jump off ! so bad right ?horrible ! hahahh

cool huh.....

i'm just jk .......................................

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Jayden Choong :)

jayden was in my house just the other day ! hahah ... he's like super cute !!!

he's not the typical kind of kid - he's got character ! he likes to take pictures :) and pose really weirdly ! and most importantly of all ... he knows my name !!! hahah

he enjoys being violent - as in he likes to throw stuff at my brother which is well encouraged by me :) the way he laugh ... so cute !!!! all the pictures were all taken when he was posing.

so dramatic right?

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

This is a post specially didicated to 1T03 !!!!! we are damn tight , right????
Melissa, Vignesh (viggy) ,Liqian (ah pai), Dinesh , Samuel, Gerald , Jason, Ngee Derk , Gabriel,Luo er , Michele (myself) ,Anne, Chermaine, Yuslina, Hui Min , Vanessa , Corrine and Geovenn :)
class of 2007 ! :) we have full attendance !
ain't we cool ?!
Jason seems to be everywhere hahah !!!
the FAMOUS backrow ! :)Gerald was confused over his sexuality .....
nice legs ?!
gabriel :) nice retro glasses - we'll all miss ya !

look at the height difference - woah !

Jason Salim and his future wives :) ( actually luo er and i are competing against each other for him )

our MEN IN WHITE ! cool huh !
Ah pai and Dinesh -

Luo er and I ! we're sitting at the backrow !!!!

want ah pai's number ? come look for me :)

let me help you to get to know him better :

1. He enjoys shaking .
2. He goes REd easily .
3. He loves drinking coffee.
Now you know him :)

poor Vannessa !

1T03 !!!!
YEAH !!!

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yesterday was the dreaded D-Day.

everyone in class were panicking yesterday . it was the worst day of my life . i hate that feeling of suspense. i was afraid that i'll score more than 20 pts for o levels and then can't stay in CJC anymore and then no more 1T03 . the atmosphere was really tense in class . everyone were anything but themselves . we behaved in really weird manners like for example , vanessa suddenly broke down and gerald was staring into space . Luo er was also exceptionally quiet . SCARY ! the teachers knew that we would act really weirdly that day so they didn't really teach us much . Miss fan even allowed us to eat sweets to calm our nerves :)

i met qiu qi in class and we freaked out together . we waited for abt 2 and a half hrs before we got our results . i will never forget whatever happened . it was super frightening .

here's the results

English A2
Chinese A2
History A2
Combined humanities B3
A math B3
E math A2
Biology A2
Chemistry B3

L1R5 : 13 pts / 11 pts ( after bonus pt )
L1R4 : 10 pts

if you ask me if i'm happy with my results , i'll say NO ! not at all . but i'm glad that i can stick with 1T03 . Hope that we'll not get separated ! :)

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Monday, February 05, 2007

i love 1T03 !!!!
oh man , that's the best class ever ... cause , we are damn tight !!!! hahha
our class is crazy !
we were and are currently playng the angel and mortal game and all of us brought socks and all and my angel brought me lots and lots of sweets :) mmmm wonderful ... we were all going sugar high!
and ah pai just couldn't stop shaking . weird guy
and dinesh and charmain are the proud owners of our very own toy shop

it's really cool huh !

anyway i dunno why dinesh and company like pulling out my rubber band ... crazy ppl ... they got a really weird fettish going on !

oh and jason !! wooh .... i have to admit it , his a really hot catch . his indonesian chinese and the best thing abt him is his eye lashes ! woah ... you should take a look at them . his eyelashes should be framed up or something like that . their really beautiful !! hahah . luo er and i were liek " jason , after you come out from the army and earned a lot of money already then come and marry me "

then we were at the canteen table , and i was jokingly saying that i was from china . the jason was like since you're from china i'm not interested in you anymore . - that's so horrible right ? but that's not the point . the point is that he actually was interested in me which means that i still stand a chance since i'm not really from china .. hahha

i know that i don't look like the person in this picture but it's really me .

it's a nice picture :)


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