Sunday, April 22, 2007

currently suffering from a literally leaking nose and a really bad throat .

to make matters worse , i dunno anything abt CMC! and i have a test tmr on that . i'm so dead . i need a miracle . i feel so exausted. i just wanna give up on everything now . but it's the ppl around me that supports me allow me to carry on . i really love you guys ! you should know who you are :) e.g. clair, torrance , mars , sean , 1t04...... etc blabla bla

i think i've lost weight since beginning of school term . it's so stressful . never ever getting enough rest . no social life and all . it's horrible . always cooped up in school and in work . even when i go for cell grp i have to tug along my history file to revise . it's pressurising. and whenever i feel stressed out , my shoulders will become really tense and then it'll hurt . life in a JC . how WONDERFUL it can be ....

michele at 7:43 PM


shaun is sooo sweet ! haha yup !

anyway sent natasha off today . i woke up at 5.30 to get ready to go to the airport .reached there at around 7 . natasha was crying ! i'll definitely miss natasha . 1T04 will never be the same without her .she must be in the plane now on her way back home. then after that , me , gerald, ah pie , anne and yus went to eat mac's breakfast .. omg ... hotcakes yummm . hahah

service was great today . i love it ! we should have more of this kind of services . just spending time waiting on the Holy Spirit . it's great . PASSION !

then there was the POS preview and were told to wear white .we were practising really hard outside the conference room . feeling really excited for the real thing ! i'm standing at the right ( from my view ) and so i'm super pressured cause the whole left audience can see me super clearly . so i must learn the dance really well and not look like a klutz on stage .i've met a lot of new friends through POS . i'll never forget them .
an unglam photo of jasmine :) hahah

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

it's been a really weird week .... so i got caught by bro paul and forced to go for detention , the day couldn't get any worse. i found out something really weird and astonishing . what a great start to the week i know . and i have to see MR michael tan every morning . a great start to the day . oh well life still has to go on . and NATASHA withdrew from school . i so love my life . and i'm currently CCAless cause apparantly i didn't go for one training and i got kicked out just like that . i feel really HAPPY ! yay !omg

and benny hinn gave my family US$300 which is abt $500 for using our car . yeah ... my car can fly ...

i'm slowly feeling disgusted abt myself once again . oh well . i can't do anything abt it's just one of those days you know . though i may look all smiles outside , i'm really in a state of confusion and hysterica inside. that's wat makes up michele .

michele at 8:53 PM


Friday, April 13, 2007

history is killing me !!!! omg .. i didn't have enough rest for this whole week becasue of all the assignments issued . there was like a huge miscommunication among the history teachers . and hence , causeing only distress among the students . SAD ... everyone was sleeping in class today cause all of us stayed up late into the night to complete the history essay . very tired.

anyway, my KNEE is injured again .. like OMG ! i didn't tell my parents or else they'll just flip out . and when i was in class today , i was walking to my seat and then i hit the chair with my left knee. OMG ! it was freaking pain . oh well , it's kinda expected that i'll knock into things and all .

and we celebrated luo er's birthday today !!! yeah :) she's so cute la ... hahah - I LOVE LUO ER :)

michele at 4:24 PM


Monday, April 09, 2007

oh today had POS practice .

it was quite fruitful :) anyway it's not confirmed that i may be the flyer due to certain issues but anyway it's really fun to be one. and today i dunno wat happened to me . the first hald of the practice was gd as in i could stand really steadily and all . but after that , i began to loose the touch and keep jumping wrongly . and i fell on my back - ouch . shaun and roland tried to break my fall but i just fell too fast . hahah . in then end , those two " heroes " fell with me also ... hahah
and shaun's like really strong . he practically lifts me up . super strong and tall!!! hahah very nice :)

i slept at like 1.30 a.m. last night which was a rare sight to behold . i usually sleep at around 9 plus 10 but the hw in JC is really piling up lie crazy . and today , a teacher really pissed me off . really really nad me furious . she doesn't deserve a teacher's day present from me . hmph. she made me even more grumpy today . oh and as i slept really late, i took a nap during break and man , did i really immerse into some deep sleep. i had dreams too .. hahah

michele at 11:06 PM


Saturday, April 07, 2007

what would i do for ice-cream...... ANYTHING ?

today , or should i say just now , my whole family went out in search of ice-cream. so we went to changi airport terminal 1 for swensens. we got out of the car an walked into the building and into the lift . then a sign was put up at a corner - sorry for the inconvenience , swensens is closed due to renovation . so we decided to just linger around that place for a while and look at the lights .

i know it's retarded but i think that it's really nice to look at lights .. while eating ice-cream :)

so ... we went over to terminal 2 for swensens. we got off the car , enetred the building and into the lift . we were walking and walking and walking but we couldn't find the damn restaurant . then we realised it's at the basement ....frustration was building up . so we took the escalator down . and to our horror, the queue was freaking wrong !!!! @$#%! frustration !! i wouldn't want to wait for the queue to subside and all .. i'm an impatient girl when it comes to ICE-CREAM.

so we decided to go to the big M to have ice-cream instead though i wan't into big M . the queue was kinda long but not as long as the one at swensens. so we queued. when it was our turn , the M person said that their ice-cream machine broke down ... WTH !!!! then my oh-so-smart dad siad that coffee bean had ice-cream. he seemed really sure and reasurung me that he ate there before . so we went there. there was a really heavy sewage stench at that area. anyway coffee bean doesn't have ice - cream. what a futile trip to the airport ......!!!arghhh

so we went back into the car and i insisted on getting my ice-cream. so we went to the drive thru .....and I GOT MY ICE-CREAM ... HOT FUDGE SUNDAE ! yummy :) the chocolate .... the ice-cream.... mmmm so blissful :)

oh yeah !!!! i've got my ice-cream :)

even though it ain't swensens .. it's till ice-cream though :):):):)

yup so i'm back home now . and here's something funny . i just caught the programme MR WORLD . it's a damn sick show !!! you see gays dancing and swinging themselves in a really gentle and weird gayish way ... super sick... AUSTRIA was HOT though ... hmmmm :)

MR WORLD is the weirdest show ever . they do weird stuff . weird show . it's so wrong ...and SPAIN WON! he's hot too .. just like fernando torres :)

michele at 11:15 PM


Friday, April 06, 2007

i dunno why can't i have a proper dinner for at least once this week ? i had like instant noodles today ..... no wonder i have gastric problems

anyway , had good friday service today . and i have tons of homework to complete . i'm freaking stressed out . JC life is really hectic .

michele at 10:48 PM


Thursday, April 05, 2007

everyone in class was like super emo today ... maybe because we got reprimanded by our history teacher .... oh well :) i'll still smile

oh and GUESS WHAT ! i found a fren who stays like just opposite my house ! like OMG #^@!*&!!! it's fascinating and incredibly amazing ... cool !!! i was in T3 doing my hw . then suddenly small small eyes ask abt my brother , then after that we talk abt his school and all then we found out we stayed opposite each other . as you know , CJC is really far from KEW Estate . almost 99% of the cohord stays near teh school ir in the west so it's kinda of difficult to find someone staying near you . when we found out we just stayed a few doors across , me and nanda became hysterical ! we were screaming an dall ... just imagine the excitement :) hahhaha .. it was kinda scary for small small eyes becasue his eyes became smaller .

and i just learned something new today . soya bean milk actually make your chest bigger . and ah pie is actually drinking loads of them because he wants ms Johnson's assets ? it's weird . he's weird . everyone's weird .

oh and i went for POS yesterday . it was kinda fun . i'm gonna be the flyer and all . we tried to stand up in midair yesterday .i felt like falling backwards and my legs were shaking . I"M SCARED OF HEIGHTS ! the feeling is really in describable when you're high up there . NOW i understand how YAO MING the basketballer feels .when you jump off and try to walk away , you'll feel your legs being really wobbly and all . haha but it's a really fun experience .

i made more than 10 frens this week already !!! hahah i'm so happy :)

michele at 9:51 PM