Thursday, February 28, 2008

Men in uniform = HOT!


so there were countless number of 'men in uniform' in school today due to the escape of the JI(part of the 'greater' Al Qaeda) detainee from Whitely Detention Centre which is so very extremely near my school that is next to a forest.

We're so gonna be laughed at by Malaysia and Indonesia and Philippines and Thailand but especially Malaysia -- not that it'll matter -- but HOW DID HE ESCAPE ? I always believed that it's impossible to break out of Singapore's jail or detention , until now. I heard that he was using the bathroom. But he's limping, how did he escape ? !

and I agree with Luo Er, we're so gonna be tested on terrorism for GP. I bet Mdm Damo went back to the papers and correct the questions.

Hope that he'll be caught really soon and maybe he'll be placed in a huge fish tank, where there'll be no escape this time --- no potty sessions too .

michele at 7:56 PM


Friday, February 22, 2008

Conversations and Communication is important

Today was a really funny day !
during class today:

Me: Ah Pai is quite handsome .
Cheryl: Ok la . But**** (doesn't follow the name of the person ) is better.
Me: HUH? NO !!!
Cheryl: He's better compared to Ah pai.
Me: I still think Ah pai more handsome. Anyway, do you know who is the champion ?
Cheryl: Who ?
Me : ^^^^.... ( doesn't follow the name of the person )
Cheryl: hahahhahhahaa .. and I thought you were always joking....

We were sitting outside our class
We looked into our class and saw ah pai showing his own 'muscular' arms to himself, examining them
*started giggling like crazy*
when **** walked pass and smiled at Cheryl, she was so freaked
*started giggling like crazy*

*walked into class*

Sam: Tell me what you all were laughing about .
Cheryl: Michele you better not tell!
Sam: Tell me !!!
Me: I can't!!! Cheryl will kill me ...

Cheryl gave me 'THE LOOK' and we burst out laughing

Sam (points to me when cheryl looked away) : okok, tell me quick !
Me: Cannot!!!
Sam: Message me what you two were laughing about!!!

SAM !!! YOU'RE SUCH A SUCKER FOR GOSSIP !!! Anyway, what we were 'disucussing' wasn't gossip :)

michele at 5:21 PM


Thursday, February 21, 2008

So right .... according to sean , I like BIG and FAT guys .
But He's not , except maybe for the big part ...

I've been living in horror!!!

Firstly, our really awesome history teacher scolded us "What kind of shitty work is this ?! Asians DO NOT like authoritarian rule. Are you all telling the Birtish that they should come back to colonise us ? That we're eager and begging them to colonise us ?! " etc etc

The next day , Bro Paul scolded us "I'm not angry at all of you. I'm extremely dissapointed! The amount of complaints I get from teachers ....... How prepared are you guys ?! "

Next period , Mdm Damo scolded us " I really can't stand it. All of you look dead. Do you know it's very hard for me to teach ? This class is ohhhh !"

Oh well , i'm off to do my History SBQn . It'll be our awesome teacher who's taking us tmr. She'll be putting our work on the visualiser so we better do a darn good job or we'll be hung on the wall with a bag over our heads --- to reduce the fright.

CJC rocks

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

oh the click five guy has such a nice and deep sexy husky voice !!!

I LIKE !!!

michele at 11:06 PM


Sunday, February 17, 2008

It was the long awaited day for my family - my huge family

My dear cousin was finally getting married !!! Here's to Adrain and Caroline :) !!!
Grandma is going to be Great-grandma soon !

Everyone was all smiles yesterday. My aunty was so excited to the extent that she became breathless.

The wedding was held in shangri-la and it was awesome.
My cousins and I were the receptionist, telling people where their seats were, and observing people's dressing. The one that caught our eyes was this woman who came in a fake tan --- it was a really weird tone and she looked like she rolled herself in mud and it couldn't be washed off or something. The weird things people do . The food there is OMG !!! I've never tasted such incredible food in my life before- especially the fish --- it melts in your mouth. I heard that it costs a bomb ( abt $1300 per table ) for the dinner; $1300 per table for 32 tables ..... my cousin must be loaded .

My grandma was especially happy, wearing a really pretty qi pao and brimming from ear to ear.
My parents were also extremely delighted, since this cousin of mine grew up really closely to my parents-- always staying over etc , before he went to the states.

Anyway , my cousin and his wife would be going to the Maldives for their honeymoon ... I'm sure they'll ENJOY themselves there.
But they're going back to the states so we may not be able to see the product of their honeymoon unless we fly there ...( after the whole event , too tired )

My cousin, Christine is going back to Melbourne tonight. I'll miss her real bad. Why is everyone leaving ? It may be my turn next year...

And now we're waiting for my cousin, Rachel and her boyfriend, Darren to get married!!! That'll be fun !

michele at 8:41 PM


Friday, February 15, 2008


happy Valentine's day to everyone :)
it's been really fun at school yesterady. i felt so loved

Jason gave me a rose
Dinesh and Gerald gave me a huge sunflower
Sean gave me a sunflower
Xue Ting gave me daisy or is it a carnation
Yi Jiang gave me a nice huge rose
xavier gave me a rose too :)
not forgetting the girls who showered me with all things sweet and chocolatey...

i'm so happy !!! :) Dinesh wrote for the girls a poem in the shape of a rose . Even though i dont't really understand it, it's still a really sweet gesture.
Yi Jiang was so sweet too :) He made me blush .
AND i made for everyone a really nice card. They must have really been touched cause i slept so late and put in so much effort making them . so much so that i had to forfeit spending Valentiens day with Clair to sleep . but anyway , she came over to talk ... she made me a really nice card too :)

I love my friends !!!! :)

They're all my valentines

I feel very LOVED ...

michele at 11:48 AM


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lit night

Lit night on friday was just FUN !!! we got to dress up as gothic characters, but in the end, we just came in whatever we felt that was gothic.

This are one of the few events which makes CJC enjoyable and memoriable .

Thank you Corrine for sending me all the pics :)

Jason Ain't wearing anything underneath .....

The Screamer !!!

He's not any NESH but he is THE NESH !!!

Luo er's boots are just asking for trouble

My wonderfully gothic class :)

pure fun !!! I love you guys :)

And yay !!! It's chinese new year next week ... gonna gain like a 100 kilos when i get back to school . But i guess it'll be worth it . I wonder what history night would be like . Maybe we could dress as political figures and go around assasinating people !

michele at 7:24 PM