Monday, December 29, 2008

Party at SAM's

We had a party ( i think a christmas party ) at Sam's place with loads and loads of food . But i brought beef that was too tough to eat .....

Corinne+Max, Vanessa Foo, Cheryl, Luo Er, Dinesh, Yus, Sam, Vig, Gabriel and I were having so much fun !!! ( We should do it more often !!! The next one will be at my place :D I'll be able to drink then since I'm in the safety of my home!!! )

I didn't put up the ugly unglam photos up . But if you want to amuse yourself , they're all on facebook ( but i suggest you don't ) .

And thanks cheryl for uploading so quickly (using my account ) !!! And thanks everyone for making it so enjoyable :D

michele at 2:00 AM


Europe trip

As promised, here are some of the few pictures of my trip to Europe :)
It had been really fun ! All the SNOW !!!
I went to London , then Paris and lastly Switzerland .

These pictures are taken from Switzerland which is where i wanna go for my honeymoon in the future !!! It's a really romantic place .

Snow !
United Nations Headquarters in Geneva , Switzerland

And these pictures are taken from Paris :)The Lourve Museum
The Eiffel Tower and it's dazzling lights
Notre Dame
On the top of the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower

And finally the pictures below are taken in London which i really love too .
British Museum
Tower Bridge
Some statue to commemorate King Albert .

Anyway , I'm glad that Thailand's airport was shut down ( in a way ) , since i got to go to Europe instead !!!

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

I know I haven't blogged for a very looooong time

There was a class gathering to send off Zen and Derk ( flew back home today ) last Friday which LUO ER did not go !!! and cheryl wasn't there too .... ( really miss you guys ) We had loads and loads of fun playing Sam's game/truth or dare.

anyway, I went through some of the pictures taken from the Israel trip in 2004 and it really is interesting. Miss that place.

And my cell group is multiplying ! It's not necessarily a bad thing ( sean won't be at my side ) because all the nice ppl are at my side. Plus Sean don't wanna show me his bald head next year.
I'll miss Joshua though. He's been really sweet and fun :)

michele at 10:14 PM


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun with Pie

Today was the last day I got to spend with my dear old friends :D
we went to the obstacle course behind the hostel since cheryl hasn't been there before. We took tons and tons of photos

And i think that AH PIE is so cute ! hahaha :D
( i know you'll be reading this...)
and we were talking about first impressions and reminiscing the first time we met each other.
Cheryl : Michele doesn't look like Singaporean what. Ah pie right ?
Ah Pie : Now I know her she like a Singaporean.
Cheryl : No like the first time
Ah Pie : oh ya. She look like Japanese Korean Chinese
Luo Er : Ya ya
Me: Really ? Yay !

don't mess with ah pie

During History mock review

Ms Narindar : You have to put AFC in!
Luo Er: ( turns to me ) I feel like eating KFC cheese fries...

I'll really miss all of you .... and all the stupid things we do :D

michele at 8:11 PM